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What is SVDL?

SVDL stands for SOCOM Virtual Dedication LAN in short it the program that allows you to play with other people over the internet using LAN mode. So basically if you looking to play SOCOM2, SOCOM3, and SOCOM Combined Assault online. Besides playing SOCOM online the client program also provoids basic text chat and private messaging which could also be useful if you have general questions as someone else that online maybe would be able to answer them. For total list of features below.

 Features list


There are few other programs that allow playing online using LAN, but this is really the only option that really easy to use and it haves build in features for SOCOM. Like viewing room list, and seeing who in which game. Besides that it also setup to count each game on LAN as it own VLAN which basically means game more secure and only traffic you need get sent to you. There bunch of other features at the time of this written that are plan like full stat tracking, bots which would allow people to play any time even if no one else was on.

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