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Getting Started

Things you would need.
1) a computer running Windows Vista, or greater, or computer running MacOS Catalina.

2) PlayStation 2 console, or PlayStation 3 console that is backwards compatibility. You could also use PCSX2. (This page does not cover full setup of PCSX2 it resumes you have BIOS, network configuration and dev9 plugin already setup and configured)

3) Depending on your setup you may need one to two Ethernet cables.
PS2/PS3 wired setup

PS2/3 Wired connection
For PS2 this also apply to PS3 you can hook the console ether up to your computer directly with Ethernet cable, or hook console and computer running SVDL software to the same network device using Ethernet cable. Note if using PS3 you would need to go to PS3 network settings and select Ethernet adapter instead of WiFi.

Download and install SVDL

You want to download and install SVDL. You can download it by clicking here. Once you have it downloaded and install you want to login by ether using existing information, or create new account. Once this is all down you want to click on Client settings then client options and select your network if using wired setup this would be your Ethernet adapter common names are "Ethernet", "Realtek Controller", "Local Area Connection". If using PS3 hotspot method you want to select that.

Resuming you set everything up PCSX2 related you just need to type in /setup pcsx2 in the main chat on SVDL. If you plan on playing SOCOM Combined Assault using PCSX2 you can also type /pcsx2 ca to apply common settings needed for Combined Assault on PCSX2.

Last Step

The next step at this part is to just log on LAN. If you get message about not having network configuration you can simply create one with auto everything.

Questions, comments and etc can be sent to, or using the comment form below.

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