SOCOM Online
How to play.
For PS2/3 users:

To connect your PlayStation 2 or 3 to the internet, start by setting your primary DNS to If you are using a PlayStation 2, you can connect to the internet by using an Ethernet cable to link your console directly to your router or modem. Alternatively, if your computer has internet connection sharing (ICS) enabled, you can connect your PS2 through your computer. PlayStation 3 users have the option to connect via WiFi if preferred.

For PCSX2 users:

If you are using the PCSX2 emulator, we assume you have already set it up and it is functioning properly. To configure network settings, enter the DNS address in your Dev9 plugin. You should also input the same DNS address in the PS2 network configuration settings, similar to setting up a real PlayStation 2. Once these settings are in place, your setup should be complete.
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