SOCOM Online
Do I need McBoot, or any mods?

No mods are needed for SOCOM1/3/CA NTSC (North American region) versions. For SOCOM2 click here to learn more.

Do I need a computer?

In most cases you don't unless you want to use emulator, or your ISP Is blocking thrid party DNS servers.

What's PCSX2?

PCSX2 is a emulator in case you wanted to play on your computer, but you can play on real hardware a PlayStation 2. A quick thing to note incase you was unaware if your PS2 hook up to a HDMI TV is really dark you may need component cbales.

Why do I need to enter a DNS address into my PS2 network configuation?

This is needed since the official online servers are no longer online and to be able to connect to homebrew online server for the game you need a custom DNS that can point the game domain to custom homebrew server.

Why does SOCOM3/CA show more than one universe in the listing?

Our server was oringal homebrew created server, but someone else dedcide to setup their own server regardless and good amount of people switch to their server so to aide in more people being able to play we dedcide to list their server to our universe list for people convince.
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