Total Users on SVDL: 17 Total Users In LAN Lobby: 5Total Users In LAN Game: 6
What is S.V.D.L and why it better than already existing LAN tunnel programs

SOCOM Virtual Dedicated LAN is a LAN tunneling program that allows users to play the SOCOM games on LAN with other users. S.V.D.L was created to be a better alternative to already existing LAN Tunneling programs.

S.V.D.L Not peer2peer and why that better

S.V.D.L is not peer2peer this make it very simple if you reachable with the S.V.D.L server you can play. This also solves problems by hiding your IP address from wrongdoers.

Made to be simple

S.V.D.L is made to be simple. You can just install and play for the most part.

In game improvements

S.V.D.L fix a good amount of in game functions the list is below.

In game add on features