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Can unpatch SOCOM 2 people play with patch people?


Is playing SOCOM 2 HDD maps with out patch possible?


Can SOCOM 3 people play with SOCOM CA people?

Yes, but you need at lease patch v2.0.

Is playing SOCOM 3 map packs without patch possible?

No, you need at lease patch v1.6.

Can unpatch SOCOM CA people play with patch people?

Yes, but not on any map that got Control Points.

Is playing SOCOM CA map packs with out patch possible?

Yes, but you won't see any map description for map pack 3 maps on the playlist. You can still play them so it not really a big issue.

Can PAL players play with NTSC players?

No, and not on any of the PS2 SOCOM games.

Is it possible to copy the patch to other PS2/PS3 console?

No, unless the PS2/3 got the same Link ID as the PS2/3 it was created on.

Can backwards compatible PS3 work on SVDL?

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