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Suppression: Is like team deathamtch type of mode. In non re-spawn the team with most members alive wins. In re-spawn the team with highest score wins.

In demolition the satchel normally at center part of map for both teams have fair shot to get it, but not always. Each team have target and there one satchel. Ether team could grab the satchel and plant it at the other team target if planned the other team haves 30 seconds to defuse it. In round base you can win ether by defusing satchel, blowing up the other team target, or by elimation the other team. In re-spawn it basically the same, but if no one plants the team with higher score win.

In Escort the SEALs must extract VIPs before time runs out, or in round base they can also elimation the other team before time run out. The Terrorists/Mercenaries can kill the VIPs which if killed at two results in win for them.

Extraction one team can extract them, but is not require. In Extraction in round base not extracting is draw in respawn team with most points win in that case. In round base a team could also win by elimation. The hostages are normally near the other team side. If ether side kill two they would get lost.

In breach the SEALs must plant the bomb to win unless in round base they can also elimation the other team.

In Convoy the team that spawns with cargo trucks must load them, and move them to extraction zone before time runs out, or elimation the other team. There are two cargo trucks if both get blow up that automatic win for the other team. There are two load zones each load zone could only load one cargo truck. Only one cargo truck actually needs to be loaded and extracted to win.

Control Points: 
In Control Points there are 5 nav points. Both teams can secure same point, but first team to secure all five wins. In round base elimation can also be done to win. If no team get 5 nav points and roound time ends the team with most nav points secure wins if both have the same then the round results in draw.
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