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Content below came from a old forum post by SCEA official. Not sure what version patch this was, but it is not the final patch notes.

SCEA and Zipper Interactive initiated a new SOCOM II update today that incorporates a number of online tweaks and fixes many exploits used by players. The update automatically appears after the SOCOM II Universe screen when the player selects the SOCOM II universe. It only takes about one minute to download and install the update on an average DSL or Cable modem broadband internet connection. The update is free to all users and requires an officially licensed Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation®2 to be inserted into MEMORY CARD slot 1. If you have a SOCOM II save on the Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation®2 the update will be added to the SOCOM II save file. If a SOCOM II save is not present on the Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) then you will need to have 3,000KB free on the Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) in order to create a SOCOM II save which includes the update when the update is downloaded. Once the download of the new update is complete, the game will reboot and you can then sign in as usual. You must download the update in order to log in to SOCOM II and you must make sure that the Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) with the SOCOM II update is inserted into the PlayStation®2 console when SOCOM II boots up.

The update addresses a diverse lineup of exploits and tweaks. Although a complete list of these corrections is not readily available, a number of common complaints have been fixed. Some examples include:

Wall Jump/Slide: Players can no longer perform this exploit. Characters now do not receive a special boost when jumping against a wall.

Double Mines: Players can no longer manipulate the armory and their weapons selections to gain double the amount of mines a character should be able to physically carry.

Colored Chat Text: Players can no longer change the color of the chat text, bold text or insert symbols into the chat text.

Chat Lock Out: Players will no longer be able to manipulate the briefing room chat text to prevent other players from writing text messages.

M60E3 Tweak: The M60E3 has been adjusted to not be as accurate when moving. No other weapons have been changed.

Bonus Objective Stats: The Bonus Objective Stats are now properly recorded and tracked on the player stats screen. For example, for breaching the outer walls in Sandstorm the player that sets the charge will gain 1 Bonus Objective point.

Collision Exploits: Fixed many, many areas where players could get inside of a wall or outside of the level and shoot through the entire world.

Be sure to sign in to SOCOM II Online and try the new update for yourself.

Stay tuned for news on future SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs updates? more is yet to come. SCEA and Zipper are committed to supporting the SOCOM II Online community.