Notice S.V.D.L is not release to the public yet, but if you buy ads now it will be display for 30 days after release.

In game text ad

In game text ads are display as a room name in game. You can buy a in game room name for $9.99 that will last for a full month. If buy now you ads will be display from 30 days from the we accepted your payment. S.V.D.L.

In game text ads currently are display on Combined Assault and SOCOM 2 on LAN. In game text ads show up above playiable rooms with a AD prefix before your Ad name.

Your In Game Text Ad

Ad Banner in S.V.D.L Application

If buy now you banner will be display from when we accept your payment to 30 days late.

You can have your banner display in S.V.D.L for $14.99 a month. Your banner will be displayed every 3 minutes for 30s seconds then another sponsor banner will be display. We allow up to 7 sponsors you are more than welcome to pay for another banner slot if slots are available using the same banner, or a different one.

Your banner much be in .png format. We recommend your banner size is 687 X 80. This is the default size the banner is in S.V.D.L if user don't change Window size. You can sumbit your banner below. Please provide the URL to the banner to be display in S.V.D.L, or email it to us at If we don't approve your AD we won't accept your Paypal payment.

URL of your banner image