Total Users on SVDL: 10 Total Users In LAN Lobby: 3Total Users In LAN Game: 0

How to setup.

SVDL requires root access cause it uses libpcap to capture your PS2 game traffic and to inject incoming traffic.

First of course you want to download SVDL if did not already can download it here. Once downloaded you want to find and run the installer once finish with you want up open terminal Window (SVDL reuqires root) and type the following

cd /Applications/SVDL.App
sudo ./Contents/MacOS/SVDL

Ps2/3 Setup

You can ether have your PS2 Ethernet cable running to your mac computer, or have both Mac and PS2 conencted to the same device by Ethernet cable. Both should work.
In side SVDL click Options then Client Settings tab and select your Ethernet Adapter that ether hook up to your PS2 directly, or hook up to same device as PS2 then click update. Once done this you should be able to log on LAN on any of PS2 SOCOM games, and you should see welcome room on LAN letting you know it all working.
Side note if using PS3 console you may need to go to PS3 network settings and make sure it set to use Ethernet instead of WiFi.
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