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Games up every night.

You can find games up nightly on SOCOM 2 and Combined Assault.
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Multiple Ps2 friendly
You can have more than one perosn playing at a time using one S.V.D.L isntant, or if needed S.V.D.L is also multiple instant friendly. With one S.V.D.L instant you can have people playing SOCOM2 and SOCOM CA at the same time!.
Even though you don't need to
schedule times to get on SOCOM
as community big enough that
there daily/nightly games, but
then are still some special events
click here to view current events.
S.V.D.L (SOCOM Virtual Dedicated LAN) is fan made LAN tunneling program that allows people to play SOCOM2, SOCOM3, and SOCOM Combined Assault thru the internet using LAN mode.

If you ready to get started you can click here to go the setup guide, or click here if you like to just download, and install it.

If you would like to know more general information about S.V.D.L click here.

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List of games up on S.V.D.L!

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