The Home Of S.V.D.L!
Seamless Setup

Just download, install, walk thought start up guide and play!.
Non Peer2peer
With S.V.D.L there no direct peer2peer meaning all traffic goes thru S.V.D.L server then to peers. This eliminate unreachable issues you see on XLink Kai.
Multiple Ps2 friendly
You can have more than one perosn playing at a time using one S.V.D.L instant, or if needed S.V.D.L is also multiple instant friendly. With one S.V.D.L instant you can have people playing SOCOM2 and SOCOM CA at the same time!.
Active Development
Meaning if there a bug instead of
needing to deal with it and make
work around it possible the bug
will be fix in a updated S.V.D.L
S.V.D.L stands for SOCOM Virtual Dedicated LAN. This application allows your play SOCOM2 ,SOCOM3, and SOCOM Combined Assault on-line thru LAN.

To get started you can download S.V.D.L by clicking here.
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